JI N LEE is a menswear fashion brand, based in Seoul and London.

It has proceeded several projects since the year 2018.

It implies their own identity and philosophy that are not transient fashion trends, but the importance of sustainability in fashion.

On other words, JI N LE E attempts to make their customers aware of having a responsible consumer attitude and change radical consumer habits, moving away from the fast-fashion culture through their products.

This brand puts an important emphasis on timelessness, functionality and tactility because it believes that long-lasting design with excellent materials can sustain and that can be actualised by practicality.

Additionally, which mainly explores numerous areas that are not related to fashion: e.g. people, culture, religion, social issues, materials, and so on. And it also keeps trying to find a compromise between those, and then reflects them on its design of garments.

Indeed, that is the essential inspiration of this brand.

JI N LE E is interested in suggesting a variety of new ways of being aware of what matters are going on and solutions, and figures out compromises.

Accordingly, this brand explores different types of mediums mixing, which comes from the past and present, and it finds its aesthetics from it.