Spring/Summer Pre-Collection

︎  What an Embarrassing Trademan



It is a project of the shirt. The central concept of which is to discover the aesthetic of the working classes. Firstly, I focused on the historical fact of the shirt. Which is that wearing a shirt only without any outwears used to be an embarrassing situation to others. research, and radical new theories have again and again been invented by scientists.

Thus, it used to be equivalent to people as much as wearing their underwear and hanging around the street. Surprisingly, the fact is that this was only applicable to the upper class, not the people in the working classes.

Following this point, I found a sort of inequality between the upper and low class, which might be able to be called an invisible boundary of social status.
I imagined that what if they may show off what they also can be elegant and generous, seeking their aesthetic as much as the other group did


In this stage, I was trying to discover sorts of the innovative silhouette of my garment.As a person who is usually inspired by any kinds of textile samples, made by myself, I created several fabric samples with my first impressions of the concept of this project. Then, to visualise these initial ideas, I attempted to put to the test by play all the samples into a body and printed them out, then breaking down into a small piece of fragments in each and reassembled them in many different ways.

The most point focused on this step was to find the creative shapes of clothes in unconventional ways to expand the possibilities of my designs.