︎Family’s Wardrobes 

( All handmade textiles - Sustainability )

: You might not be given any choices, which will be the rest of your family members in advance whether they might have enough in common and different personalities with you or not. It will be a very intriguing approach to design if you explore their wardrobes.




I was considering about sustainability in fashion and trying to find out a new way to deal withthis concern ourselves in an efficient way. ‘Upcycling!’ is the main idea of mine and what I would like to suggest to the people through this collection.



While I  was researching for it, I was able to realise that the most reason may be lousy consumer culture of us, which means customers incline to buy additional products and discard them easily although they can still use.


Hence, I wanted to find a new way of upcycling and to suggest my perspective to the people so that they can change their consumption habits and be aware of sustainability.

︎The collage works for design references


Regarding the central theme of this project; 'sharing wardrobes of family members, I collected second-hand clothes. Mainly, I focused on the T-shirt of which is a different size, colours, and materials. Then, I cut them out in the different shapes of pieces and rearranged them randomly with a soluble fabric on the top and stitched all together.