This collection is about how we will be able to deal with the  generation-gap in our family or furthermore our
According to the world where we live has dramatically  developed and rapidly changed until now, the generation  differences can be observed. Because of miscommunication,  the different background of growth and lifestyle between old  and young generations.

People belonging in old-generation, they might also  have had a  childhood as like children now.
 They might be adventurous, brave and reckless.  However, they would  probably have looked like  they lose a sense of innocent when they are  getting old. I think they may not forget about it,
 but  they probably would’ve had to play a role as being an adult due to  social responsibilities and  atmosphere all around in their life.

 I suppose that the ‘ Scout’  has a long history,  which connects from  the past and now. And I  believe that people may be the most  courageous  and adventurous regardless of the young and  old  generation during the period of being a  member of Scout. Hence,  by sharing the  experience of Scout, two groups of people may  be  able to acknowledge the generational  differences and understand  in each.Hopefully, it  may enhance people to make new memories  from it.


︎Degital art
collage Process
- A part of design development